Machine Learning, a practical introduction/ Meetup November 2017

Thursday, November 2, 2017 7:30 PM 7:30 PM Launch Café

19:30 Welcome drinks, maybe talking about Favorite PHP Development Questions, if you would.........?

20:00 Talk and questions,

Practical Intro and Interactive Session by Elze Kool

Machine Learning, a practical introduction

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data. These are all buzzwords you must have heard somewhere.

But the field of Machine Learning is really big, so knowing which part is usefull for your problem can be hard. With this talk you should have a beter understanding of all the terms and how they relate.

Contents of the talk:

• Machine Learning and its relation to Big Data. What is Big Data, Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark. Why is it related to Machine Learning?

• Machine Learning, The Basics; What do terms like supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning mean? Why is the difference important?

• Unsupervised Machine Learning Clustering, Collaborative filtering, Single Value Decomposition

• Supervised Machine Learning Linear regression, Naive Bayes and Neural networks with TensorFlow

21:00 -?????: Share your ideas for future presentations, events and activities, also, socialise, drink beer and have fun :)

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