July meeting: Polymorphic ORM and navigational queries

Thursday July, 2, 19:30, Launch Café


On our October 2014 meeting Djurre presented his database abstraction layer "Casual Model". It included Object Relational Mapping (ORM). ORM is known to have an "Impedance Mismatch" with Object Orientation. Adding polymorphism and navigational queries are two techniques to brich the gap.

The talk will start with a short introduction on ORM to revive our memories and include code examples for Doctrine, implementation in the phpPeanuts framework as well as examples of practical applications.


Henk Verhoeven is a Senior PHP Developer, Owner of MetaClass and Organizer of GroningenPHP. He has started several open source projects including phpPeanuts.org, from which the SqlFilter model now leads a new life* on top of Doctrine ORM.


19:30 Welcome / Drinks
20:00 Talk
21:00 Social & drinks

* Not (yet) open sourced

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